e-Learning and m-Learning Courses Shared by ReadyGo Customers

Below, are links to several e-Learning and m-Learning courses built and shared by our customers.

If you have a course built with ReadyGo WCB that you would like to share, please let ReadyGo know
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  1. Customer: CT Public Library
    1. Case Study: The Connecticut Public Library provides education on the state's legislative process (article originally published in the e-Learning Guild magazine)
    2. Course: Legislative Process in Connecticut
  2. Customer: Highline Public Schools (Videos Examples)
    1. Case Study Training on working with an interpreter for high school teachers and staff
    2. Highline Public Schools Course - Teaming with an Interpreter
  3. Customer: Kingdom Security (Videos Examples)
    1. Case Study:Kingdom Security is located in Washington DC. Founded by former White House secret service agents, their mission is to provide safety training to the general public.
    2. Course: Their demonstration course highlights these tools.
  4. Customer: Knowledge Pills
    1. Case Study Knowledge Pills creates a comprehensive corporate course catalog. The courses are all designed to be taken in 15-30 minute segments.
    2. Knowledge Pills Catalog of courses
  5. Customer: Telefonica
    1. Case Study Educaterra, Telefonica's education division obtained a ten-fold productivity increase using ReadyGo WCB compared to traditional e-Learning processes
    2. Telefonica's Courses - Product training courses
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