Knowledge Pills

Knowledge Pills

Company: Knowledge Pills
Business: Online Learning
Location: London England

The Company
Knowledge Pills LTD is a European company that develops short (15 minutes in length) training courses for the corporate market place.  Knowledge Pills' goal is to provide companies with employee directed courses that can be taken just-in-time throughout the business cycle.

The Challenge
Knowledge Pills develops hundreds of new courses a year and updates existing course material as often as quarterly.  In order to handle this high development rate, they need a tool that can be used to create courses quickly and in some situations be pushed down to the subject mater experts.  The output of the tool must be able to work in Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and AOL browser, and to work in older versions of Microsoft’s browser.  The same course must be able to work in any size and configuration monitor including low resolution, high resolution, PDAs and Cell Phones.  Courses must be accessible to the blind -- European blind reader requirements are much tougher than America's ADA 508. European organizations check to make sure a blind person can access content.  “Employees are accessing training from home, work, or while they are commuting.  We need to be on the forefront of the industry and provide solutions that meet everyone’s needs.  Our challenge was to find a tool that met all of our needs and was not price prohibitive.” states Daniel Purlich CEO of Knowledge Pills.

The ReadyGo Solution
Purlich was familiar with ReadyGo Web Course Builder from his days managing Telefónica's training arm. At Telefónica, he managed an 80 person e-Learning development organization.  He worked closely with his business line managers throughout the organization to meet their training needs.  Over the last few years, he saw a big shift in training.  Managers went from wanting formal classroom training to wanting quick, just-in-time training that provides learning on many new subjects as they became relevant. 

“Our traditional e-Learning development arm could not keep up.  We used ReadyGo Web Course Builder to create effective, rapid e-Learning courses.  I knew from my past experience that ReadyGo WCB gave me the depth and flexibility to be the enabling technology for my new enterprise.” states Purlich.  He has found that the ReadyGo WCB works on many levels.  Subject Matter Experts (SME) can use the tool to input their content while experienced web developers can use the tool as a container for more advanced functions.  Knowledge Pills also has a service where they license their customers Knowledge Pill courses along with a license of ReadyGo Web Course Builder.  This gives their customers the ability to edit pre-built training courses.  “I don’t know any other tool that I could can give to my customers. This service expands and differentiates my offerings. You can’t get more flexible than that. “exclaims Purlich.

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