ReadyGo Web Course Builder - Get started quickly

To install ReadyGo Web Course Builder e-Learning and m-Learning software:

  1. Download a copy of the Introduction to Web Course Builder manual (English). PDF document
To get started quickly:
  1. Double-click the setup file (called RgWcbx.exe or DRgWcbx, where x is the version number and language), the software is automatically installed on your computer.
  1. Once the installation is complete, the ReadyGo icon appears on your Windows desktop.
  1. To create a course:
    1. To start Web Course Builder, click the ReadyGo icon on your desktop.
    2. Click Create New Course. Type the information in the Course Properties dialog box. When you are finished, click Done.
    3. Click Edit Chapter on the toolbar.
    4. Type the information for the first chapter's introduction page. A table of contents for the chapter will be created automatically based on the pages in the chapter.
    5. Click the New Page tab to create a page in your chapter.
    6. Type the information for your page. To access the page features (including Graphics, Tell Me More, Try This, Step-by-Step, Quiz, and Tests), click the appropriate icon at the bottom of the dialog.
    7. To add pages to the chapter, click the New Page tab.
    8. When you finish the chapter, click Done. The course is displayed in the outline view as a hierarchy of chapters and pages.
    9. To add another chapter, click Add Chapter on the toolbar.
    10. To save your course, click Save on the toolbar. The course is saved as a file with the name you specified in the Course Properties.
  1. To view your course:
    1. Click Generate Course on the toolbar.
    2. Select a directory where you want your course to be published. The first time you generate a course, this should be a new/empty folder.
    3. Your course is output as a web site containing several sub-folders, graphics and files. This directory structure is everything your audience will need in order to view your course.
    4. When course generation completes, ReadyGo Web Course Builder automatically launches the course in your Internet browser. You will now see what your audience will see.
  1. To publish your course on a web viewer:
    1. Choose Publish > Transfer from the menu bar.
    2. Connect to the server that will host your courses. (You will need a username/password in order to connect to the server.)
    3. Select a location where you want to place the course. By default, WCB creates a folder (with the same name as the folder on your local drive where you generated the course) below the location that you selected. Then, the entire course is placed inside that folder
    4. Your audience can access the course by going to the "index.htm" file in that folder.
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