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    1. Course Features Demo - This course highlights the features and functionality of ReadyGo Web Course Builder
    2. Student Registration Demo - This course shows student registration, various testing/survey capabilities, and Server-Side Testing reporting capabilities.
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What's new - ReadyGo WCB features by version level Mobile learning - training via tablets and SmartPhone eLearning 2.0 - reviewing the latest trends All about SCORM standards Creating effective online Instructional Design Moving PowerPoint to eLearning
  1. ReadyGo has developed ten web-based courses on the most popular subjects about creating web courses and using ReadyGo's tools. ReadyGo is in the distance-based learning business, so we take advantage and understand the best ways to train users remotely.
ReadyGo WCB Basic Features ReadyGo WCB Advanced Features The basics of Creating mLearning Configuring ReadyGo SST Testing, Surveys
Power your PowerPoint to work well for eLearning Adding Audio to a course Modifying Course Appearance (basic course look) Using CSS (advanced course look) Optimizing web graphics
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