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ReadyGo has produced short tours (screen-snapshot videos) to show you how easy it is to use our e-Learning and m-Learning software.

  1. These tours require that you have the Adobe Flash player installed on your computer. You can download the free Flash plug-in now.

View with Audio View without Audio Implement SCORM in ReadyGo WCB Copy/paste documents, tables, graphics, and web interactions into any course page. Four ways to move content from PowerPoint to ReadyGo WCB Import Dreamweaver Pages into ReadyGo WCB Add Captivate to your ReadyGo WCB Course
An easy way to print out a course Change the Appearance of a Course Using style sheets in ReadyGo WCB Create tests in ReadyGo WCB Bring results files from ReadyGo SST into an Excel spreadsheet
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