Installed Requirements for ReadyGo LMS

Learn what it takes to install ReadyGo's LMS on your servers

  1. ReadyGo SST is a set of CGI-based modules that are delivered as native executables.
    1. Requirements are listed below.
      1. Operating System: MS-Windows (Server 2003, System 7, Server 2008, etc.), Linux. For the servlet version, any operating system that supports servlets can be used.
      1. Web Server: ReadyGo SST requires a standard web server (IIS, Apache, SunOne, etc.) with CGI or Scripts enabled. For the Servlet Version, an engine such as TomCat or J2EE is required.
      1. Disk Space: About 400kb for the ReadyGo SST executables and support files. The average course needs about 300kb for data storage.
    1. ReadyGo SST does not require any relational databases (e.g. MySQL, SQL Server, etc.) or support applications (e.g. Perl, PHP, Python). Data is stored in ASCII format in a designated file structure.
    1. Other Operating Systems or Integration: Source code for ReadyGo SST is provided for customer-level integration or customization where desired.
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