Web Browser Setting Recommendations

ReadyGo insures that your e-Learning and m-Learning courses work well in all browsers

  1. Many of the older browsers have quirks that affect the display of ReadyGo WCB e-Learning and m-Learning content. Below are some know quirks and mechanisms to get around them.
Default Setting/
Known Issue
Microsoft IE 5.0 No known problems, although style sheet support is very weak.  
Microsoft IE 5.5

First stored cookie is corrupted

ReadyGo SST has been modified to work around this problem.

Style sheet padding and margins handled differently than for all other IE browsers Use the special style tags with “55” as part of name in the ReadyGo style sheet
Microsoft IE 6.0 on Windows XP

Cookies are disabled

If using ReadyGo SST, enable cookies for SST server

Line wrapping for <UL> indented code incorrect – a few characters flow off end of page and cause horizontal scroll bar Build course using All Layout Controlled by Style Sheets or place <TABLE> code in header/footer. Page bodies should have width < 90% to allow for vertical scroll bar.
Microsoft IE 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0
Multimedia does not autostart properly. Microsoft browsers do not autostart media in a sibling directory. Instead, the media files must be in the same folder or child folders of the HTML page. When generating course from ReadyGo WCB, select MS-IE Sound/Multimedia Work-around option. This results in courses that take more disk space, but work consistently with all browsers
Microsoft IE 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0
Service pack 2

Active Scripting is disabled*

Enable Active Scripting (JavaScript)

Active content (JavaScript) is disabled for local/mounted files

For developer’s computer or LAN-based delivery, in the browser you need to choose Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and select Allow Active content to run from files in My Computer.

Active content (JavaScript) is disabled for CD-based content

For CD-based delivery, in the browser choose Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and select Allow Active content to run from CD

Pop-up blocker is enabled For AICC-based tracking, disable pop-up blocker. In version 7.0 of WCB, this problem disappears.
Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey No known problems  
Opera If the style sheet is dynamically changed to one that has extensive additional content, browser crashes. All standard style sheets work nicely.
Safari and Google Chrome Tables that should be side-by-side appear vertically. In the style sheet, for the area of interest, add:
TABLE {display:table-inline;}
  1. The default settings for Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers enable ActiveX controls. ActiveX controls have unlimited power, and when placed on web pages, run programs on your local computer. This means that as soon as you open a web page, the ActiveX control can start running locally on your computer as if it were an executable you launched locally. Maliciously created ActiveX content are one of the most common methods of installing viruses and spyware. For security and to avoid malicious applications, ReadyGo recommends disabling ActiveX controls, or using other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) that do not support ActiveX controls. ReadyGo Web Course Builder does not require ActiveX controls.
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