Template Customization

ReadyGo's design staff can create customized look-and-feel templates for your e-Learning and m-Learning course.

Available levels of service are as follows:
custom template creation
  1. Level 1: Customization of an existing ReadyGo e-Learning and m-Learning template to match your company's color scheme and logo.
  2. Level 2: Creation of a new, custom e-Learning and m-Learning template for your company. A custom templates consists of:
    1. Graphics for Navigation, drill down links, and appearance
    2. Fonts, colors, stock labels and text
    3. Course, chapter, and sub-page layout
  3. The cost for a "Level 1" effort starts at $200. For a "Level 2" template, cost starts at $500. These estimates includes two iterations to ensure that you are satisfied with the solution.
  4. Here are some stock templates that are shipped with ReadyGo WCB. Any of these can be customized to create an e-Learning and m-Learning template that matches your web site.
If you have any questions or you want to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.
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