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ReadyGo was founded in 1999 to create tools and provide services that make it easy to create e-Learning and m-Learning

We always considered that there are two audiences that need to be considered when developing e-Learning and m-Learning: the developers who use our e-Learning and m-Learning software and learners, the people who use the content produced by the developers. We provide innovative products and services to meet both groups needs. By doing so, our customers will create flexible, instructionally sound e-Learning and m-Learning courses that meet their organization's objectives.
  1. In our continual interest to understand and deploy best practices for instructional design and web design ReadyGo president Anita Rosen, has written a book on e-Learning 2.0. You too can turn your training into e-Learning 2.0 - find out more about her book.
  1. Anita Rosen has created a blog where you can read what Anita is talking about.
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