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"My course development team uses ReadyGo WCB e-Learning software to build full featured courses in a fraction of the time it took them to create courses using Adobe's products."
- Jose Lencastre, Delta Consultores
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  1. ReadyGo WCB e-Learning and m-Learning software features a highly intuitive user interface, fast course generation, powerful template creation/usage, and automatic generation of navigation elements including chapter and course indices.
  2. ReadyGo Web Course Builder has a built in test engine - the most comprehensive test capabilities in the industry - including 16 types of test questions, branching, feedback, SCORM, pooling, and progress control - built into the e-Learning and m-Learning software.
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  1. Courses built with ReadyGo WCB work on computers, tablets, and SmartPhones. No programming or technical skills are needed.
  2. ReadyGo has produced short tours (screen videos) that show you how easy it is to use our software.
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