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ReadyGo WCB produces e-Learning and m-Learning courses that integrate/track with a large number of SCORM and AICC-based Learning Management Systems.

"We have had four different LMSs since we started authoring with ReadyGo WCB software. ReadyGo has been really responsive to our integration needs. Each time they have worked with us to create a custom LMS pack so that our e-Learning and m-Learning courses work well with our LMS. The support team is friendly, quick, and produces quality updates. I highly recommend ReadyGo!"
- Jennifer Flaa, Vettanna
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  1. SCORM and AICC are standards so that e-Learning courses can be re-deployed on different LMSs without difficulty. However, each LMS may interpret the specifications slightly differently and/or may impose an operational concept upon their system that changes the behavior of the course. This means that the "plug-and-play" objective for the specifications is not achieved.
ADL - SCORM certification
    1. For example, each LMS can decide to choose which SCORM variables they want to save. If the course depends on previous data, this will impact what happens when the student revisits it. Also, some LMSs will not allow a student to revisit a course if they have completed it. This kind of "single-use" mentality can be bypassed by proper design of the variables that are reported by the course.
    2. If you choose an authoring tool that has only one "SCORM" interface, chances are that they send only the minimum data required for SCORM certification. This means that they will not report details of students answered questions, for example. Their interface will have been designed to work with the weakest, most minimal LMS in order to be able to work with the largest number. Therefore, you will lose valuable information that can be tracked and reported.
    3. ReadyGo believes that an effective training program should allow an organization to track all the information they would want.
    4. Learn more about standards in ReadyGo's course about AICC and SCORM.
  1. ReadyGo courses are capable of sending a large number of SCORM and AICC variables to your LMS. However, the choice of variables depends on what your LMS captures, and what they do with them. To be able to adapt to different LMSs with unique behaviors, we create custom LMS interface packs for your environment. Once this interface has been created, you can use it repeatedly for all the courses you produce.
    1. ReadyGo has more than 14 different AICC-based packs
    1. ReadyGo has more than 25 different SCORM packs.
    1. ReadyGo has developed and tested interface packs for many LMSs including Avilar, Claroline, Click2Learn, Docent, GeoMetrix, Hospital U, HRSmart, ILIAS, Inquisiq, KMS-inc, Knowledge Planet, LearnFrame, MaxIT, Meridian KSI, Moodle, OnTrack, Oracle, Pathlore, PeopleSoft, Plateau, Questionmark, Saba, Sun, Track-ED by MRT Multimedia, Test Track, THINQ, and Ynot Learn.
  1. If your LMS is missing from our list, ReadyGo will create the first custom interface pack for free when you purchase a license of ReadyGo WCB.

  1. Combine your LMS with ReadyGo's SST
    1. If your LMS does not save and report all the information you want it to, you should look at the Dual SST/LMS system.
    1. ReadyGo can use your customized LMS-pack and have the course additionally report detailed information (every answer to every question each time it is submitted) to the ReadyGo SST module. Your LMS will still receive the information it can store.
      1. During course production, simply choose the Dual LMS pack from a pull-down menu.
      1. Your courses will be served/launched from your LMS. Appropriate data will be sent to your LMS. Meanwhile, ReadyGo SST will save all your student data so that you can see it through the SST reports.
If you have any questions or you want to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.
It's True! It's True! If your e-Learning and m-Learning software has only one or two versions of SCORM or AICC, a lot of your training data is being lost.
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