Course Development

ReadyGo's instructional designers and graphic artists will create interactive and engaging e-Learning and m-Learning courses for your organization.

"ReadyGo worked with my SMEs to turn their PowerPoint presentations into a really effective e-Learning and m-Learning courses."
- Jack Bellante, National Healing

ReadyGo has multiple levels of course development services.
Course development
  1. Level 1: If you already have content electronically (PPT, MS-Word, etc.), graphics, and tests? ReadyGo can turn this content into an effective e-Learning and m-Learning course for you.
    1. A 60-70 page PowerPoint with articles, links, graphics and 20 test questions will cost approximately $1,000
    2. ReadyGo has an "Author guide for PowerPoint". We recommend that SMEs use this guide to prepare the organization of their PowerPoint slides before they are turned into an e-Learning and m-Learning course.
    3. The price listed above includes two iterations where after your review, ReadyGo makes the modifications you request.
  2. Level 2: Need help organizing and developing your content, graphics, and tests? Our staff can work with your staff. We will assist you with:
    1. Needs analysis: Identification of your goals for your e-Learning and m-Learning courses
    1. Course content: Selection of appropriate materials and creation of an instructionally sound e-Learning and m-Learning course
    1. Visual Design: Creation of appropriate graphics, exercises, and simulations
    1. Content Integration: Proper merging of graphics, audio, exercises, and assessments into a coherent framework
    1. Tracking Compatibility: Verification that courses track as desired through your Learning Management System or through ReadyGo's Server-Side Testing e-Learning and m-Learning module
  1. Costs:
    1. Level one courses typically cost $1,000 per course
    1. Level 2 expenses depend on the number and type of graphics, number of iterations, existing format of course content, and level of additional support necessary.
  1. We Build it - You Edit It!: When ReadyGo builds your courses, we deliver the native files for the course so that you can edit it using a licensed copy of ReadyGo WCB. You can now update and edit the course. This gives you complete control and saves you time and money.
If you have any questions or you want to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.
It's True! It's True! ReadyGo's rapid e-Learning approach saves time and money when developing your training material.
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