Track SCORM objects such as Captivate
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Many e-Learning and m-Learning software tools like Adobe Captivate create quiz, test questions, and content that can be saved as a SCORM objects. ReadyGo WCB is a SCORM Player.

" ReadyGo's solution works great. No one else can do this for less than $60,000." - Claudia Pantera, training consultant
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  1. With a combination of ReadyGo WCB and ReadyGo SST you can manage and track SCORM objects built with other tools.
    1. ReadyGo's solution lets you track an unlimited number of SCORM objects - quizzes, tests, exercises, or content - built with other tools and saved as SCORM. With ReadyGo you can register students, serve an unlimited number of students, create an unlimited number of courses, and create reports with details on each student's interactions.
    2. Course creators can choose to pre-register students or allow them to self-register.
    1. Course creators can add up to 20 self registration fields (e.g. name, e-mail, department ...)
    1. An Unlimited number of SCORM objects (quizzes, tests, exercises, or content) can be tracked as part of a single course.
    1. Complete tracking - every answer to every test or quiz question is saved.
  1. What does the course creator need to do:
    1. Create a SCORM object in the tool of their choice.
    1. Import the object and all necessary files (as an embedded plug-in or as an HTML page)
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