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Company: Lumetra
Business: Medical Consulting
Location: San Francisco, CA

The Company
Lumetra is an independent healthcare consulting organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, efficiency, and integrity of healthcare. Lumetra provides an array of professional consulting services to both public and private entities across the country. Lumetra's efforts are at the vanguard of a national resolve to transform the delivery, administration, and future of health care. Recognized for providing comprehensive services and innovative solutions, Lumetra - with over two decades of experience - is uniquely positioned to aid a broad spectrum of customers in achieving their transformational goals.

The Challenge
Lumetra has over 175 employees located across California, along with servicing several health care organizations in other states. Lumetra is responsible for assuring that medical institutions meet necessary quality standards. They continually need to train their internal employees and medical institution clients on a host of topics including: improving levels of care, code of business conduct, confidentiality, data protection, facility security, and systems security.

Traditionally, Lumetra has pulled internal employees out of the field to attend mandatory training courses. Management was unhappy with the impact on workflow. Periodic classroom training was very difficult on new employees since they had to wait until the training was available. e-Learning looked like a natural solution. The next step was to find an e-Learning solution that would best meet their needs.

The ReadyGo Solution
Lumetra wanted training that would be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They did not need highly produced training. Once they decided that asynchronous, rapid e-Learning would fit their needs, they began to look for an authoring tool and delivery system. Lumetra’s training department headed up the effort. Budgets were tight and they wanted a solution that would work right out of the box. There were a number of characteristics Lumetra demanded from the solution.

  1. The output needed to meet web standards – one that would support a move to Web 2.0, and not go back to CBT
  2. The tool needed to have built in instructional design, layout, and ADA compliance – Lumetra didn’t want their SMEs having to figure out everything for themselves.
  3. They did not want to send people to days of training to learn how to use a solution – this is e-Learning – “if the vendor can’t train people using their own technology then why should we buy from them”
  4. Lumetra did not want a tool that relies on audio to train – only 10% of people are audio learners
  5. They wanted a full feature test engine built into the authoring tool that integrates with the delivery system
  6. Lumetra didn’t want another database or server to install and manage - they wanted a server solution that installed and worked easily using their existing infrastructure.
  7. Lumetra wanted the solution to include testing capabilities and reports that would provide detailed information including how students answered each question

Paula Steinway, Lumetra’s CIO, states “ReadyGo was the only solution that met all our needs. With ReadyGo WCB, our subject matter experts were able to quickly create interesting e-Learning. My web master easily installed ReadyGo SST on our existing Intranet server. We were surprised how little technical expertise ReadyGo required. Our e-Learning initiative was one of the few new initiatives that was as straightforward and simple as we were led to believe.”


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