ReadyGo WCB and HTML5

YES ReadyGo WCB provides complete support for HTML5

  1. What is HTML5?
    1. It's the latest version of HTML; the scripting language behind formatting all web pages.
  1. What does HTML5 support?
    1. It provides the latest support for CSS3 (new look and feel features), OGA (audio), VGA (video)
  1. Why is HTML5 important?
    1. It's the future of the web - where interactions don't need plug-ins like Flash
  1. Current status
    1. None of the Computer or SmartPhone browsers supports ALL of HTML5. Some support little pieces of HTML5
      1. Android supports some HTML5 CSS3
      1. Apple supports OGA and VGA, but supports other graphic formats better. Apple has some support for CSS3
  1. What's the big caveat?
    1. Plug-in's don't work well on SmartPhones and Tablets. HTML5 does away with the need for plug-ins.
    1. HTML5 does not guarantee that content works on all the different SmartPhones, in landscape and portrait mode, touch and tracking.
    1. Vendors like to say they support HTML5 so un-informed consumers think their output works on SmartPhones.
    1. HTML5 gets Mobile Web App Developers about 20% of the way there. ReadyGo WCB has engineered our authoring tool the remaining 80%. All Mobile Web Apps built using ReadyGo Mobile work well on all SmartPhones and Tablets in landscape and portrait mode, touch and tracking.

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