Transform PowerPoint Presentations into e-Learning
ReadyGo Web Course Builder makes it easy to turn a Power Point presentation into a course.

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  1. ReadyGo provides four ways to turn PowerPoint presentations into e-Learning courses.

    See these features demonstrated in a quick tour.
    1. Copy/Paste PowerPoint text content into ReadyGo Web Course Builder - In three simple steps, you can turn PowerPoint titles and bullets into ReadyGo Web Course Builder titles and bullets. This is great way to use a PowerPoint presentation to start the structure for an e-Learning course. The content will be generated with consistent formatting.
    2. Copy individual PowerPoint slides and paste them into ReadyGo Web Course Builder. As you paste, you can choose to paste as unformatted text (allowing the text to adopt the course's formatting), formatted text (maintains the formatting - font size/color - established in PowerPoint, but can be edited), or as a graphic (looks like a snapshot of the PPT slide). ReadyGo Web Course Builder converts PowerPoint clip art into web-viewable images.
    3. Copy individual text blocks from PowerPoint, and paste them into the ReadyGo Web Course Builder layout structure. This gives you more control over the structure of your content and makes it easy to reuse your existing information.
    4. Export the presentation from PowerPoint, and import it into ReadyGo WCB to use as a learning object. ReadyGo provides the course structure and testing capabilities. Details on how to do it are on our Support FAQ (Bringing Content into your Course)
  1. See the Difference
    1. See the difference between a course built with ReadyGo WCB and one built with PowerPoint2Flash. Both of the following courses were built with the same core content. Consider which one provides a better online experience for self-paced training.
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