ReadyGo Phone/Internet courses
Active support subscriptions include monthly training courses to learn how to use our tools. To sign up for a course and to check the course schedule go to the training page.

We offer ten courses on the following topics (below are links to the online versions of the courses):
  1. Basic class
  2. Advanced Features
  3. Appearance (basic look and feel)
  4. Configuring ReadyGo Server-Side Testing (SST)
  5. Graphics Basics
  6. How to help SME's Power their Power Point
  7. Optimizing Sound Files
  8. Simulations
  9. Style Sheets (advanced look and feel)
  10. Testing

A quick overview on each of the courses:

Web Course Builder - Advanced Features
  • FAQs, glossary, etc.
  • Copy & paste from PowerPoint
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Changing the colors and graphics in your course
  • Adding graphics to a test
  • Putting your course on a CD-ROM

Optimizing Sound Files
A training course on how to optimize audio files for fast Web-delivery in your courses. This course includes:
  • Using the Windows Sound Recorder
  • Cropping your sound file
  • Changing file encoding to shrink its size
  • MPEG file formats

Note: This course requires that you have Microsoft Sound Recorder with a microphone installed on your computer.

Configuring Courses for Server-Side Testing
A training course on how to configure your courses for use with Server-Side Testing, and how to install and troubleshoot your SST setup. This course includes:
  • Options available for student registration (passwords, etc.), tests, and surveys
  • Serving your courses
  • Configuring your web server
  • Installing and testing SST

Note: You may take this course even if you have not purchased SST.

Using Style Sheets
This advanced class teaches you how to modify existing ReadyGo WCB style sheets.
  • Introduction to style sheets
  • How style sheets are used in Web Course Builder
  • Formatting options available with style sheets
  • Hands-on exercises on modifying a style sheet for a ReadyGo course (must already understand how to write style sheets)

Graphic Basics
A class that teaches you the basics of creating web readable graphics
  • Graphic Fundamentals
  • Adding Graphics to ReadyGo Web Course Builder
  • Editing Graphics

How to help SME's Power their PowerPoint
A class that teaches you the basics of using PowerPoint presentations as the content for web courses
  • What does a good web course look like?
  • What elements need to be added to Power Point presentations
  • How to organize information appropriately

A class that teaches you how to create tests in ReadyGo Web Course Builder
  • Creating a Test
  • Pooling
  • Feedback
  • Certificates
  • Navigation
  • Tracking Test Results

A training course on how to create your own unique look and feel for ReadyGo courses
  • Appearance Elements in a Course
  • Creating Color and Graphics
  • Modifying Labels and Text
  • Changing Ffonts
  • Changing Frames
  • Creating Course Templates

A training course on how to use the WCB Plus simulation tool
  • Creating a simulation
  • Editing a simulation
  • Adding notes to a simulation
  • Using the PowerPoint to Flash converter
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