Company: TrainingOnline
Business: Environmental Health, Safety, Security, and HR Training
Location: Chicago, Illinois and Laramie, Wyoming

The Company
TrainingOnline is the online training development organization for BLR Inc. (Business & Legal Reports). BLR, with a team of over 40 Staff attorneys, creates print, video, and CD-ROM-based materials in the areas of Environmental Health, Safety, Security and HR. TrainingOnline has a team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, web developers, course designers, and client satisfaction personnel who use these materials as resources to produce web-based courses.

TrainingOnline employs ReadyGo Web Course Builder (WCB) to create many of its online training courses for its off-the-shelf courses and for courses it custom-develops for its customers.

The Challenge
TrainingOnline's customers range from large Fortune 500 companies to small- and medium-sized businesses. They provide their customers with web-based training for Environmental Health, Safety, Security, and HR topics. Regulations are very dynamic; One of TrainingOnline's business needs is to provide its customers with quick updates to courses hosted on the company's servers.

Initially TrainingOnline developed courses using each LMS's (Learning Management System's) authoring tool. As their customers began implementing a wider range of LMSs, TrainingOnline's employees soon had to learn, develop, and port the same course to multiple environments using multiple tools. It soon became evident that this strategy was unmanageable. TrainingOnline had been monitoring with interest the evolving standards in the e-learning industry. Their goal was to find an efficient way to develop and update courses that would support multiple standards and different LMS.

The ReadyGo WCB Solution
TrainingOnline was thrilled when they found ReadyGo Web Course Builder. "ReadyGo Web Course Builder is very impressive due to the portability it provides, the ease of use, and the absolutely amazing support. I can't emphasize enough how easy ReadyGo is to work with" states Chad Durr (Web Developer) at TrainingOnline. "ReadyGo Web Course Builder solves the problem of content portability for any platform. It also provides easier, much faster course building. With this tool, you can build a course once, and publish it for a number of standard compliant LMSs. You can also change the template, the look and feel of the course, without having to rebuild the course. There is the ability to copy the layout, or the content, or both to produce new courses. This is one of the most valuable tools I have ever used as a Web Developer."

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