Solvay Pharmaceuticals

Solvay Pharmaceuticals

Company: Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Business: Pharmaceutical
Location: Marietta, GA

The Company
Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc, is a Pharmaceutical company with over $700 million in sales in 2004.

The Challenge
Solvay's US Pharmaceutical operations has Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) training for all employees working in their US facilities. To take SOP training, employees print out copies of the SOPs, read the SOP, complete the documentation in a training form, and send the training form to a training coordinator. Some portions of the training are completed manual. There is no way to capture results without performing a monumental amount of manual entry into Solvay’s Learning Management System (LMS). The manual method of capturing SOP scores results in gaps in Solvay’s employee documentation. Most problems can be traced to a lag time between completion and updating employees records, mistakes made in entering results manually, and from lost training forms.

The ReadyGo WCB Solution
Solvay decided to move their content and tests online. They choose ReadyGo WCB because their course developers had little to no experience in computer programming and web design. They found ReadyGo WCB easy to use, easily communicated with their existing LMS, and was relatively inexpensive per author.

Solvay poured their existing SOP procedures and tests into ReadyGo WCB. The results have been tremendous. Their problems with accuracy, lost forms, and lag time have disappeared. By automating the entire process, their training department has been better able to utilize employees. For example, an individual who spent 95% of their time entering data is now being used to give training, develop new online training, and assist in developing training curriculum. Courses are now integrated with Solvay’s existing LMS, providing the infrastructure for employees to complete training without having to create paper documentation. Employees now receive immediate updates to their training status, eliminating potential gaps due to mistakes or lost paperwork.

“ReadyGo WCB really has transformed how we deliver training in my organization” states Solvay GXP Training Specialist Paul C. Eichholz. “Requests from other departments to provide additional training is at an all time high. Senior management is so impressed with the e-Learning our group has developed and the capabilities of the ReadyGo software, that we are looking at deploying ReadyGo WCB as a global solution to solve our vast training needs.” Eichholz’s group has also received positive feedback from Solvay’s US employees. "Employees are happy that the training process has been simplified. They now have control over their training plans and enjoy the flexibility of taking courses when it is convenient for them."

“As for ReadyGo’s technical support, I cannot say enough.” claims Eichholz. “ReadyGo worked with us to assure our courses built with their tool worked seamlessly with our LMS. Any issues we had were addressed immediately. The willingness of the tech support team to go above and beyond what is required to help solve problems has been amazing. Simply put, the technical support has been the best I have ever experienced from a vendor.“


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