HSG (Health Services Group)
Company: HSG (Health Services Group)
Business: Employee drug testing
Location: Montgomery Village, Maryland

The Company
Health Services Group (HSG) was founded to help employers identify current and prospective employees who abuse drugs, and direct them to appropriate resources for assistance.

HSG employed the ReadyGo Web Course Builder (WCB) to create training for their clients and clinical staff. This training is used train managers on techniques for identifying and managing employees with drug and alcohol problems. Training was also created specimen handling technicians in proper forensic procedures.

The Challenge
HSG had three primary objectives to accomplish:

  1. Their client base is nationwide, but staff trainers are only based in the Washington, DC area. Because of cost issues, most of HSG's clients were unable to afford the expense of obtaining onsite mandatory training.
  2. HSG's customers are of many levels of education and work a wide variety of jobs. Creating customized training for such a diverse audience using conventional HTML editing or traditional media is cost prohibitive.
  3. HSG's staff needed a way to provide client-specific training that featured client logos, photos, and policy excerpts. They needed to be able to do this without having to completely rebuild every course offering for each client.

The ReadyGo WCB Solution
ReadyGo became the enabling technology for HSG to provide training over the web. The benefit of this approach is that HSG is better servicing their customers while expanding their business with a new revenue source. Through ReadyGo's software, HSG is able to rapidly deploy highly specific training, customize that training for individual client needs, make that training available worldwide and around the clock, and deliver the training very inexpensively.

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