Global Equine Academy

Global Equine Academy

Company: Global Equine Academy
Business: Agricultural, College Education
Location: Piedmont, SD

The Company
Gene Miller, an expert on horse care, started Global Equine Academy as a way to train others on proper care and management of horses. Global Equine provides a series of courses on horse care to the agricultural colleges at three universities.

The Challenge
It is physically challenging to run a ranch and teach courses to a growing number of schools, especially in sparsely populated areas. Gene Miller thought e-learning would be an effective way to solve his time and distance problem.

"I had a lot of information to provide and needed a straightforward method to provide it," says Gene Miller. "I am a horse expert - not a computer expert. I had to find a tool that provided me with an easy way to create effective courses and create student's grades."

The ReadyGo WCB and SST Solution
Gene purchased ReadyGo WCB and ReadyGo SST. "ReadyGo WCB is straightforward. The hard part was creating the course content. The easy part was using ReadyGo to create an effective web course." Gene also purchased ReadyGo SST. "I set up SST and posted my courses to my server. Grading is done automatically. At the end of each semester, I take the report ReadyGo generates and send it to the school. The schools use e-learning LMS environments produced by other vendors. My courses work within these existing frameworks. Many of my students have commented that they find the way my courses deliver and work much faster, friendlier, and more effective than other courses available from their school."

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