Company: e-ProMentor, LLC
Business: Electronic Performance Support Systems
Location: New Jersey

The Company
e-ProMentor creates electronic support systems for business processes. The company 's e-ClinicalMentor, an integrated project support tool, is used to train and assist those who conduct clinical research programs. To support these users and teach its clients everything from basic procedures to how to comply with Federal regulations, e-ProMentor uses ReadyGo Web Course Builder (WCB).

The Challenge

"Our management philosophy dictates that our products be simple and easy to use", says Dr. Mike Ryan, President of e-ProMentor. "Training, both initial and ongoing, is a critical element in our programs. ReadyGo WCB makes training easy for our customers."

The ReadyGo WCB Solution
Ryan says that the ReadyGo WCB enables his customers to learn at their own pace, which is essential in a clinical laboratory environment. It also facilitates making updates quickly, ensuring that a clinical laboratory's new materials and ever-changing Federal regulations can be implemented immediately.

ReadyGo support is essential to e-ProMentor's efforts. The company plans to expand its offerings into other areas, such as finance and manufacturing. According to Ryan, ReadyGo technical staff was always available, and the links between the ReadyGo courses and e-ClinicalMentor were made effortlessly and quickly.

"We acquired ReadyGo WCB because it offers what no other product does," says Ryan. "The tool is easy to use, and ReadyGo support staff helped us to quickly make the link between ReadyGo WCB and the educational component of e-ClinicalMentor. Nobody else could have done it within a reasonable amount of time, and at such a reasonable cost."

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