5.6 Viewing courses on a SmartPhone
This is an advanced tip
ReadyGo created the mobile preview window to give you and idea of what your course will look like. Unfortunately you are viewing the course using a windows operating system and a computer browser. The course will look different on a smartphone. Obviously to get a real view you can post your course to your web site and then view it on your SmartPhone. There is also another way.
You can view your course sitting on your PC using your SmartPhone. To do this you need the following.
  1. You need to make sure your computer is running a web server (e.g. IIS needs to be installed and running on your PC)
  1. You then need to find your IP address.
    1. open a DOS/command prompt
    1. type: ipconfig
    1. Your IP address will be something like 192.168.224.x
      1. If you are on wireless, x will be 50 or greater.
      1. If you are on wired it will be 100 or greater.
    1. When you generate your course place your course directory under c:\inetpub\wwwroot
    1. If the directory name is "app1", and your IP address is, your course's URL will be:
    1. You can now connect your SmartPhone to your PC using a tether and type your course URL into the SmartPhone.
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