1.1 What are wcg and wct files?
WCB creates multiple files. Some are of type .wct and others are of type .wcg. What are these files? Answer
  1. When you generate a course, WCB creates a series of HTML (.htm) files along with graphics.
  1. These are what the end-user/reader will see. However, ReadyGo WCB also needs to store your work in a format that it can manipulate.
  1. For this, it creates what are called "native source" files. This is similar to MS-Word. When you print from an MS-Word document, the end-users receive the printed piece of paper. However, your on-going work is stored in a .doc file.
  1. With ReadyGo WCB, there are two source files. The .wct (orange icon) file contains the text and configuration portions of your course including tests, glossaries, etc. The .wcg (green icon) file is usually larger. It contains all the graphics, multimedia, and style sheet components.
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