2.10 Putting your course on a CD-ROM
It is quite easy to put a ReadyGo course onto a CD-ROM. The only tricky part is making sure that the course start page is in the correct location on the CD-ROM.

ReadyGo provides you with a program called browse.exe that will pop up the course in the student's browser when they insert the CD into their computer on an MS-Windows PC.

The steps to put your course on a CD-ROM are shown in the step-by-step below. Basically they are:

  1. The files browse.exe and autorun.inf control the automatic startup of the course from the CD-ROM. These files are automatically placed into the top directory of your course when it is generated. The information in autorun.inf controls the options the user has if they right-click on the icon for the CD-ROM.
  2. Load the course into your CD-writer software.
  3. Set the root directory of the course to be the root directory of the CD
  1. Burn the CD.
Step-by-step 2.10.1 2.10a Procedure to put your course on a CD-ROM
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