2.17 Creating Custom questions
ReadyGo WCB's test engine allows you to create Custom questions. Our Custom question is an advanced feature that requires programming skills.
  1. The course author can identify testing variables created in any simulation tool and have them managed by ReadyGo WCB.
  1. ReadyGo WCB's SCORM and AICC interface has been customized for maximum integration with over 60 different LMS installations. By integrating a simulation into ReadyGo WCB, you can easily integrate your test question with the LMS of your choice.
  1. Ability to weight the question (advanced grading capabilities).
  1. Option to create a survey question (stored but not graded)
Tip Tip ReadyGo's support services can help you integrate your simulations into a custom test question.
Creating a Custom Question Creating a Custom Question2.17.1 2.17a View a tour that shows how to create a Custom question
Step-by-step 2.17.2 2.17b Step-by-step on creating a Custom Question
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