1.6 Product information
ReadyGo Web Course Builder product information and pricing.
  1. ReadyGo Web Course Builder creates eLearning and mLearning. It includes:
    1. The course authoring software
    1. The Web Course Builder online tutorial
    1. Download site with software and documentation
  1. ReadyGo Server-Side Testing (SST) includes:
    1. Download site with software and documentation
    1. Installation support
  1. All ReadyGo products ship with three months of support. Support includes:
    1. All product updates
    1. Phone and e-mail support
    1. Nine phone/Internet training courses
  1. You may extend your support contract to run from the included three months to one year or three years.

  1. ReadyGo also offers hosting services, customization services, and course development services.
It's True! It's True! Support includes upgrades, phone and e-mail support, and nine phone/internet training courses. Support is included in the basic price of all ReadyGo products.

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