2.1 An overview of ReadyGo's test engine
ReadyGo WCB has a very comprehensive built-in test and assessment engine.
  1. You can create many types of interactions with the ReadyGo WCB test engine.
  1. You can use the test engine to create exercises (graded, not saved), survey questions (not graded, saved), tests (graded, saved) and self assessment (cumulative grade, not saved).
  1. The test engine includes a certificate.
  1. ReadyGo WCB is integrated with over 60 LMSs. It's the most comprehensive tool for integrating testing with the rest of your systems.
  1. ReadyGo WCB supports question pooling (displaying a sub set of test questions) even if your LMS does not.
Tip Tip Change the link label to exercise, don't save the results, and use testing as an interactive exercise.
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