2.14 Creating Matching Column questions
ReadyGo WCB's test engine allows you to create Matching Column questions. Our Matching Column question supports:
  1. Create two columns of information (text or graphic). By clicking within the display box, students match the first column to the second column.
  1. Ability to weight the question (advanced grading capabilities).
  1. Option to create a survey question (stored but not graded)
  1. Option to create an interaction (not stored, not graded)
Creating a Matching Column Question Creating a Matching Column Question2.14.1 2.14a View a tour that shows how to create a Matching Column question
Step-by-step 2.14.2 2.14b Step-by-step on creating a Matching Column question
Test/Survey Click the test button to try a Matching Column test question.
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