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ReadyGo supports 15 different types of test questions including test questions build with other tools. The test on the last page of the "Testing" chapter includes all 15 types of ReadyGo WCB test questions. If you pass the test given in the "Test Only Chapter" you will receive a certificate.
This is a Test Only Chapter. You can have multiple test pages in a test only chapter. On the next page is a certificate. You only need to get one answer correct to receive the certificate.
1. Which of the following countries have already hosted an Olympic game (choose all that apply).
1. A. Spain 2. B. Japan 3. C. USA 4. D. Brazil 5. E. Canada
Show HintA South American country has yet to host an Olympic game. Brazil will be hosting in 2016
2. The Olympics have yet to take place in South America or Africa.
True False
3. The Olympics originated in:

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