2.4 Procedures
Many courses teach a procedure.
  1. It is helpful to show a procedure as a video or as a screen simulation
  2. It is best to give the same information multiple ways.
    1. A procedural video is one way.
    2. Another way is a step-by-step. A step-by-step highlights each step in a procedure and can be printed out.
  3. Placing your learning objects, like screen simulations and step-by-steps, in a drill down page makes it easier to provide multiple levels of learning.
Sub-page Bringing in Plug-ins like Flash2.4.1 2.4a Watch a screen simulation showing how to bring a Flash file into ReadyGo WCB
Step-by-step 2.4.2 2.4b View a step-by-step that shows how to bring a Flash file into ReadyGo WCB
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