2.5 Tests
The most interactive element you can add to a course are tests.
  1. Test should be used not only to measure comprehension but also to reinforce learning.
  2. Place a test at the end of each course chapter.
  3. The most effective type of test to reinforce learning are called 360 test.
  4. 360 tests:
    1. Reinforce the most important points made in the chapter by asking the student a question about the important information.
    2. Place all questions on the same page. It is frustrating for learners to be given one question at a time.
    3. Allow learners to continue with the course after they show proficiency on a chapter test.
    4. When a learner gets a question wrong, a 360 test provides them with the correct answer (feedback); then reinforces the correct answer by having the learner re-take the test question.
It's True! It's True! A 360 test is on the next page. If you get all three questions correct you can move to the next chapter. If you get any question wrong you will need to retake the test.
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