3.6 Where are the survey Results for Server-Side Testing?
This section describes where the survey results are stored on the server. The survey results are stored in the same directory that contains the survey files. Periodically, you can ask your system administrator to give you the result files, or retrieve the result files before you transfer survey files to the server.
  1. You can view the survey results in the Server-Side Testing reports. From Web Course Builder, choose Testing & Tracking > Course-wide Setup and click View Reports. The survey results files include the student ID, scoring, amount of time on survey page, any hidden survey parameters, and the students answers.
    1. The files are comma-separated text files and therefore you can open them in any major spreadsheet or database program.
    2. The survey result files all have a ".txt" extension.
  2. The list of students with registration information is placed in the file userlist.txt.
  3. The results for each survey (for example "tst00001") are stored in a file whose name is the survey name, with an extension .txt (for example tst00001.txt).
  4. The following files are server test files that do not contain any test results.

    - Any file with a .tst extension.

    - The file register.txt contains testing setup information

    - The file course_name.tin contains course configuration information.