3.6.1 3.6a Examples of survey Result Files
The following are samples of the survey result files. The first and second line of each file contains the names of the fields and example values.

student_id, last_name, first_name, Reg_date_time, Reg_IP, "ssn"
of, oxford, Jim H., 2000-08-02, 11:06:28 ,,"123-45-6789"
rose0000, Rose, Mary, 2000-08-02, 11:13:25 ,,"9876-54-321"
mose0000, Mose, Jose, 2000-08-02, 16:32:18 ,,"000-00-0000"
mari0000, Marin, Sergio, 2000-08-02, 18:08:33 ,,"5551234"

The first column contains automatically generated user IDs. Then the last name and the first name, which are followed by the registration date and time. The IP address of the machine from which the person registered is in the fifth column. The sixth column contains an optional field named "ssn", which could, for example, be the student's Social Security Number.

"student_id", "score", "right", "total", "date/time", "clientip","eltime", "p1", "ans1", "ans2",
correct_answers, 100, 2, 2, 2000-07-12 08:35:58 ,,0:00:21, "v1","0","2",
, 50.000000, 1, 2, 2000-07-12, 08:35:58,0:00:18,"v1","1","2",
, 100.000000, 2, 2, 2000-07-12, 08:38:52,0:00:35,"v1","0","2",
oxfo0000, 50.000000, 1, 2, 2000-08-02 09:44:08,,0:00:56,"v1","1","2",
oxfo0000, 100.000000, 2, 2, 2000-08-02 09:56:45,,0:00:37,"v1","0","2",
mari0001, 50.000000, 1, 2, 2000-08-02 10:23:37,,0:00:22,"v1","0","1",
oxfo0000, 50.000000, 1, 2, 2000-08-02 11:06:40,,0:00:17,"v1","0","0",

This contains the results for a survey with two questions. The first two lines contain the names of the fields and example results. The third and fourth line contain results for an un-registered user (in case this were a survey). The fifth and sixth rows show the user oxfo0000 taking the same survey twice. The first time they scored 50 percent (1 answer right out of 2), and the second time the student scored 100 (2 right out of 2). The answers the students provided are shown in columns 9 and 10. Column 8 contains a parameter indicating the survey version number.

Column 2 contains the score, column 3 contains the number of correct responses, and column 4 contains the total number of questions. These three columns 2, 3, and 4) do not appear in surveys. Column 5 contains the date/time of survey submittal, and column 6 contains the IP address of the machine from which the user registered. Column 7 contains the amount of time the student is on the survey page before they submit it for grading. After column 7, survey parameters and survey answers are listed.

Surveys can be modified from Web Course Builder any time. If you add new questions, the results are appended to the end of each line. If you remove questions, blank spaces are in the place corresponding to the answers.