3.4 Specifying Parameters for Server-Side Testing
Optionally you can set up specific parameters or instructions associated with each survey. For example, you can instruct the student to complete the survey within a certain time limit.

You must have purchased and installed the Server-Side Testing module to use this feature.

  1. Each survey (in addition to the entire course) must have a unique name. The server uses the name to store the response for each survey. You can change this survey name. This name is also displayed on the particular Test dialog box. The survey results for a survey called chap1_2 are stored in a file named chap1_2.txt on the server.
  1. You can add additional instructions for the survey. These instructions are displayed on the top of the survey page.
  1. You can also add hidden parameters such as survey modification date.
It's True! It's True! Specifying parameters affects only the survey you are editing.