3.3 Transferring Files
  1. Choose Testing & Tracking > Transfer to transfer the survey information to your web server. The trickiest part of the setup is knowing the location to put the server survey files. Consult with your system administrator for this location.
    1. Your system administrator will need to give you the location (URL), user name, and password for uploading files.
    2. System administrators: The server survey files must be placed in subdirectories created under a subdirectory named readygo. The readygo subdirectory needs to reside in the same directory as the CGI script file - rdgsvtst.exe. For example, if rdgsvtst.exe is placed in the /inetpub/scripts directory, the server survey files for the course should be placed in the directory /inetpub/scripts/readygo/course_name. This directory must be readable and writeable by the process that runs the CGI script.
  2. Once you transfer your course to your web server, your students can begin learning. On some systems, however, your web administrator may need to change the directory read/write privileges for your course information so that results can be stored.
Tip Tip Be sure to transfer your server survey files again if you make any changes such as adding a question.