ReadyGo Mobile Quick Start Guide
  1. To install ReadyGo Mobile:
    • Double-click the RgMbxxx.exe file (where xxx denotes the version and language) to star the installation script on your computer.
    • Once the installation is complete, the ReadyGo icon appears on your Windows desktop.

  1. To create a course:
    • To start ReadyGo Mobile, click the ReadyGo icon on your desktop.
    • Click Create New Course. Type the information in the Course Properties dialog box. When you are finished, click Done.
    • Click Edit Chapter on the toolbar.
    • Input the information for the first chapter.
    • When ready to move on to a page of content, click the New Page tab to create the first page in your chapter.
    • Type the information for your page. To access the page features (including graphics, articles, and forms), click the appropriate icons along the sides or bottom of the input dialog
    • To add more pages to the chapter, click the New Page tab.
    • When you finish the chapter, click Done. The content will appear in the outline view displayed as a hierarchy of chapters and pages.
    • To add another chapter, click Add Chapter on the toolbar.
    • To save your work, click Save on the toolbar. The web site is saved as a file with the name you specified in the Properties page.
  1. To view your course:
    • Click Generate on the toolbar. Your web site is converted to web pages and is saved in the directory you choose. The first time you generate a course, the course should be in a new folder so that it does not overwrite any other files on your hard drive.
    • When generation of your site completes in ReadyGo Mobile, the software gives you the option to view the content in a browser or in a "mobile preview". Select one of these. Your content will be launched in your default browser.
  1. To publish your web site on a web server:
    • Choose Publish > Transfer from the menu bar.
    • Log into your server (you will need your username and password)
    • On the right side, select a destination directory under which your site will be placed
    • Click Transfer to start the upload of files.
    • Once the site has been uploaded, your audience can view it by going to the correct web-browsing URL for that content
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