3.1 Tracking Results
To save your survey information you will need to have an LMS.
  1. You will either need to have your own LMS or ReadyGo's LMS called Server Side Testing.
  2. To connect your survey with an LMS you will need to tell your course that it is connecting to an LMS.
    1. To do this you will need to choose Testing & Tracking > Course-wide Setup.
    2. In the pull down menu choose the name of your LMS
  3. Optionally you can have the student automatically e-mail their answers.
    1. One of the options under Testing & Tracking > Course-wide Setup > in the pull down list choose Results through email.
    2. You will need to edit (in a text editor) the idxmail1.js file to specify the e-mail address of the person who will receive the emailed survey results. Refer to the WCB Help for more details.
  4. After choosing your LMS you will need to generate your course.