1.1.4 1.1d You can have up to 100 test questions per test.

1. ReadyGo WCB can be used
1. A. To create eLearning courses 2. B. Is a search engine 3. C. To build social networking sites
2. This a True/False Question?
True False
3. A text Entry questions: Input the words right answer to get this one right
4. A numeric range questions: What is the average speed of people on the freeway

5. Which of the following sports is played with a ball? (choose all that are correct)
1. A. Tennis 2. B. Soccer 3. C. Swimming 4. D. Golf 5. E. Hockey
6. Identify the part of the URL that is the domain name: (click on that part)
7. Are you looking forward to creating training for the web?
Yes - can't wait No